It does Not Matter how we Mess up the Past, as long as we Do Not Screw up the Present.

It does Not Matter how we Mess up the Past, as long as we Do Not Screw up the Present

For everyone, the past is passed, things may be repeated on certain times, but almost everything will never come back into our life.
So always looking forward to a better future is the main thing we need to reserve in mind and stick to it.
We must leave every past behind, just review things what has been happened to us, so it can be written as the history to set as a reminder gift for our future life.
We all can be improved from experiences through learning, but do not turn back to things which has already happened, because we cannot go back to the past again.
Let it be a lesson and rectify any mistakes we have made, so our feelings drawn improvise by the attitude, thereby we will be adopted to it.
Give expression of regret to the people and ourselves and let others understand that we know now on this point of time and perhaps not at the moment that we have done something wrong.
Proffer them an apology so that the book can be closed, then maybe we can continue a new chapter together in peace with joy.
We all make mistakes, either deliberately or unknowingly, and afterwards when we see the futility of it, we will have regret, but the lesson that we have learned will give the progress in our thinking.
Give each other enough space in life, because there are already enough problems in the world, so try to minimize the problems from us and talk more together if possible.
There are always events that will never have a solution, even being spoken with the sweetest words, but acceptance is the only way for termination of this.
It’s give and take in life, but between people its not easy to find a good balance, when we are satisfied and can accept with quiet and peace which shall prove the gratification.
We still live in the present, don’t ruin it, but we must make the best of it, let rest the past, because its has gone already, so our world will not decays, learn from it and improve to be better.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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