The Perfection in Life is When We are able to Act in Peace According with what Comes out of Our Mouth.

The Perfection in Life is When We are able to Act in Peace According with what Comes out of Our Mouth

Emotions and frustrations can give us grief and pain, thus we can be irritable and react like a lion who wants to devour his prey.
In such an action, we lose all control and doing things that are not suitable, because we are fully controlled by emotions which totally does not suit us.
Our conduct should not look like a dragon who spitting fire on everything, because that will irritates everyone and it bring no good to our reputation.
Therefore it is wise if we hear or see something that we do not like, first count to ten before we respond to it from our heart.
Speaking and respond immediately is easy, but the most important thing is how we response like a proper manner with a peaceful action on it.
Always try to remain calm no matter how difficult the situation may be, let our mind do the necessary job, an anger emotions will only make us a loser.
If we response or react to someone who done an evil or speak just using his wrongful mind, then we could be in abnormally emotion mood, and this make us become an unwise person.
And if we want to get it right to be there anyway, then we should not force ourselves to be  associated with their bad habits.
Our brain process the spoken word immediately, so we can have the opinion on this issues through knowing and remembering of the character of them.
We manage to stop the ill-mannered attitude or cunning plan from them with reacting in peace and tranquility, and response to their action with a relaxation.
In our heart we already know that they are wrong, but we should not directly show them our emotions by forcibly, we must not first act as being shocked by them.
We give them a diplomatic answer without disillusioned their mind, and be realized in our mind that we have to deal with an inferior person.
From there we can continue the conversation with a balanced and thoughtful acts, and hopes that we all can have a good dialogue and actions with a fully understanding mind from both.
It is always better to negotiate in peace in order to perfect the words come out of our spoken mouth, so we won’t be reacting purely based on emotions.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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