We do Not have the Choice of Where we Came From, but we Can Choose which Direction to go Further in our Life.

We do Not have the Choice of Where we Came From, but we Can Choose which Direction to go Further in our Life

We were all born in different places, and usually we also grow up there, on a place which occupy a large part of the roots from our life.
Everything we see around us or hear during our youth will be part of our upbringing, and that give us the lesson, which is the most common thing in life.
These are the common consuetude that we’ve learn from the past to understand with voice and images, and think it’s a normal lifestyle for us to adapt ourselves accordingly, by taking the same usual approach about it.
It will be a daily routine, because everyone around us love and trust on what they do, so that’s a normal way of life in our thoughts.
Ourselves are being left entirely to this way of life, and we completely put our life as innocent so on until we reach a certain age and realize that either we are really doing well or act outside of law.
We can at that time think good about everything with an extremely great sense, we are confident to go further and so satisfied with our life or we completely convinced ourselves to go for a change.
This is the own choice for everyone, the important thing is that we feel comfortable with it and be happy, even there is no transformation or change of character needed for many of us.
Those satisfied with their actions is a happy person and that’s all about what is important in our life, and when we can be so cheerful, this gives us the great satisfaction and it is good enough to let us feel happy.
Be sure to have mentally prepare that if we do not follow the norms and values accordingly to the law, then there is always a chance that we might end up in trouble, so we should often think carefully about this.
We do not have a choice about where we grew up in our childhood, but then it is up to ourselves to make the choice on how we want to go further in our life.
Always try to make good choice to find the fortune with happiness.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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