Silence is the Most Powerful Weapon to Reply when we are being Targeted Wrongly

Silence is the Most Powerful Weapon to Reply when we are being Targeted Wrongly

Disharmony we all come into contact with it, we may end up in a battle of words, or even worse, with many disagreement and involved in a scuffle.
That usually doesn’t make us wiser, but everything may get out of hand, because of every event where love, emotions and trust are involved in.
Altercations with dissatisfaction and a wicked sense usually lead to more misery and disagreements,if we recall bad things from the past by others, it will only make things to become more worse.
The best answer will be silent or go away, sometimes it’s better to be quiet rather than to speak with an angry tongue, so that others may get hurt directly.
Disagreements are normal in life and it all can be solved if the thinking of those people who involved can have responsibility and keep reasonable thinking in peace.
The views and thinking of each person is different, notwithstanding sometimes we both think that we are right and that will be a conflict which is no good.
Sow dissension is not a solution for everyone, so we will thoughtfully and judiciously to be in  for a termination together due to the conflict.
What is generally not easy, by the bad affected and sensitive disorder that generate the wrong impression which may induce an aggression.
So when we are wrongly accused, the best for us to choose is to remain silence as our most powerful weapon, and let others feel guilty when they are confronted with the truth, before we together go face it and looking for an effective solution.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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