Wisdom can be Gained if we Really Learn to Observe with a Perfect Understanding.

Wisdom can be Gained if we Really Learn to Observe with a Perfect Understanding

If we are not interested in something, or have no ambition to it, we will never bother to learn or understand something about it, because we think it will be useless for us.
We need to have interest and admiration on something in order to know all the factors with eagerness and mind rapture by our dedication.
If we are obsessed on something we want to know and getting the maximum about it, then nothing is too much for us, thus we may use all the energy to spend times to understand and know everything about it.
We want to learn the totality about the how and why from it, so we observe all perceive knowledge of it, from that we are able to create the wisdom for an overall picture.
There is always a hidden beauty in everything, if we are well observed, we can learn all about and appreciate the real value of things.
Sometimes things can look cheap or without us using it, but that can be an optical illusion, but after we’ve done the research exuberantly, it seems to be different.
Never underestimate a person in his appearance, because that has nothing to do with his intelligence or intrinsic characteristics and attitude.
If we want to know the character we’ll have to meet them first and can thus examine the appearance or attitude has something to do with it, afterwards it will give us the right prognosis and correct view, not only by what we were seeing before.
Only when we have observed and understood something, we can express our learned wisdom with a perfect and complete understanding on the truth.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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