Our Sad Story will Not Last Long, because when a Door is Closed, we Can still Find an Open Window.

Our Sad Story will Not Last Long, because when a Door is Closed, we Can still Find an Open Window

Keeps finding opportunities is what our life been composed for, in order to survive with a relax way in this society.
Grab the probability which offer us opportunities to fulfill our forward-looking perspectives, so we can get the benefits to make up for our livelihood.
Carry out the development acts so we can achieve advancement, and execute our work activities to get the financial benefit.
Seize every legitimate opportunity and use it to progress further towards a better future and not keeping the false hope in front of closed doors.
Never just staring at the closed door when our spirit are in desperate state, because then we may miss out on another window or door that is already open, and we might also miss the chances to find our happiness.
Our own actions will have a major impact, direct actions and take measures before a breakdown or relapse is required for continuity.
If there is no bread at the bakery then we should go to the supermarket, open the door and buy it from there, because we will not be succeed in getting that bread we want at a butcher shop.
So it depends entirely on ourselves and how much effort we are willing to do to get things done, because without actions and performing maneuvers, nothing will change, and it will be getting even more worse.
If we want to save ourselves from a sad or desperate mood, when we are entering any closed window or door, we should directly look for another entrance which is having the necessary requirements, so we can acquire for the good entry for completion of our tasks.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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