Everybody are Unique and Incomparable, so we are Not Encouraged to make an Unnecessary Comparison.

Everybody are Unique and Incomparable, so we are Not Encouraged to make an Unnecessary Comparison

Some people always like to compare with others in their evil sense, while others choose to make the changes to resemble their idol.
But that is impossible, because every mortal are incomparable and exceptional, everyone has their own character into good and bad days, and is unparalleled, because there is only one person like us in the world.
We are all different in terms of personality and perspective or the way we behave in our divided lifestyle.
Whether it is being rich or poor, having a good or bad way of thinking, everyone is completely unique, so it is not wise to make an equation with others.
There will always be differences and certain things can be equivalent, but that’s only a “tip of the iceberg”, and this have no evidence or it may not be completely judgmental.
Something made with assembly line work is similar, but we all humans are dissimilar from each other with different in conflicting opinions and thoughts.
That makes each of us unique and special with an unsurpassed extraordinary character where the chosen person can be conquered by our heart, because of love and they want us to share our life together.
We can share our incomparable love with someone that we think is different as an unique person and thereby we want to give them the love from our heart.
Share all the adventures of life together and go into an unique atmosphere where others cannot compare with, because our hearts are fused together with sensational passion for each other so that the result is considered as a impossible comparison

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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