Always be Kind to Others without Expecting any Return.

Always be Kind to Others without Expecting any Return

We should continue to believe that whatever ourselves give or do for others will come back to us like a boomerang without wasting any effort.
Nature is almost always in balance and we are the creation of Mother Nature, so our attitude and character can always be in balance by being friendly to others.
My parents have taught me that kindness costs nothing and it usually reflect directly on the character of a person, be it social or antisocial.
The first sight impression when meeting is very important for the further development of a future relationship.
The conduct and behavior of a person usually give us the straight impression in our mind, hence we can choose to either build up from our own customization or ignore it.
Give others a chance even that sometimes there can be having misunderstandings on the communication or  wrong impressions, but if we could make another turn, it will stil give a friendly outcome with understanding of each other.
Through experience certain individuals may be making a wrong judgement without having to think about it, but after a good conversation, things could be totally different.
Therefore never judge too early and always showing a good example by being with a friendly smile, at least we know who we are talking to.
It is easy to communicate with decent people, because then our conversation can begin with friendly words or gesture without using false sentence to attack each other, and that should be the starting point of every communication.
Someone who is unfriendly at such times is not worth for us to begin an understanding communication with, so we better turn our back on them.
We should addressed any disagreement or miscommunication and resolved it with a good institution by being kindness.
Always willing to help with positive actions if it is within our power, no one is perfect and we all make mistakes.
But a pessimist will never see the positive persons showing a helpful and friendly attitude to others without expecting something in return, they just try to find every single mistake to make their wrong judgment.
While in a friendly notice they can learn together from it and the friendship no needs to be broken, because there will be a mutual understanding.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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