Everyone has to Deal with Cracks in their Life, it is Important how we Heal Them and Not let it Influenced Us.

Everyone has to Deal with Cracks in their Life, it is Important how we Heal Them and Not let it Influenced Us

The saying that “life is not a bed of roses, but it goes over the thorns” is the right expression for many of us.
And when we come in contact with thorns, it will leave scars for us that are difficult to disappear without a good medicine or medical treatment.
In private life, that is actually equal as there are scars caused by emotional intelligence from others that may hit us.
We are on that time the weakest person due to the misunderstanding, suffering, sadness or pain, so we cannot overcome our state of mind because it is our weak link.
Unhappiness give us such a bad feeling that it seems our heart rips apart from distress and dismay of causing scarring.
To hide the emotional scars weather is not an easy task, and with a positive character still will need to take quite a while, because it is very emotional sensitive.
But over time it will attenuate, until we are confronted with that or something similar again, and then there will be an emotional feeling go through us once more.
Those crack and feelings just remind us that we’ve managed to grow beyond it and survive.
Still, its something always will remain in our memory and will slowly erode into our thoughts and the lesson we learned is that “We are not made for each other but we are born for helping each other in peace”.
Any bad experience with us can leave cracks at our heart, but its very important not to let them influenced too much for our life because it will give us bad feelings.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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