We just have to Live with the Equation that “Problem = Solution”.

We just have to Live with the Equation that “Problem = Solution”

It is strange but true that we have to find a solution for almost every problem that we encounter in our life.
So why do we have to make our own excessive pressure to think that we cannot make any arrangement to solve it.
Continue to be governed by a higher heart rate is normal if we have problems, we cannot stay unconcern if there are difficulties in our private life.
Action is the best defense against troubles and do not wait for too long, because then things may get out of hand, so always trying to make necessary arrangements as soon as possible.
Disagreements may be discussed with an acceptable and compromise from both parties, and this provide a peaceful solution.
Almost all the problems that we encounter in our life where the fault lies with us, there are always a plan to manufacture themselves.
There are also several cases where emotions hold the upper hand over our inner feelings, which must first be tamed to get rid of it but that takes time.
But always be calm and collected and seeks to continue strive for compromise so that everybody can be happy with the success ASAP.
Do not accept faults in our life and remain stubborn about something will not yield result, it is also an opinionated decision.
Thus we make everything becomes more complicated and eventually we will be the losing party, its especially indicates that it will give internal problems for us psychologically.
Stay calm and be wise to resolve any issue quickly and it will give us a better feeling and is good for our social life.
Knowing that almost every problem has a solution and also keeping the faith in ourselves, be withheld and quiet so that something can be arranged with full intellect
So we can distinguish a real comparison between “problem = solution” because there is always a solution to every problem.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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