Mistake Cannot be Erased but we can Face it with Tolerance.

Mistake Cannot be Erased but we can Face it with Tolerance

Nobody is perfect and everyone may lack of something, many are looking for perfection or want to be among the perfectionists.
We all have flaws in our character, sometimes with shortcomings, lack of knowledge or making a mistake, so tolerance is the only way to keep the peace.
If we immediately interpret incorrectly on something, our blood flow will increase thus we might respond directly with the aggravated indignant.
It could turn our cheerful mood into a dark side and we actually cut ourselves short and we do not deserve it because that is complete unnecessary for us.
But if we look at everything positively, we could know immediately where we stand exactly, so we will not set up an evil movement against it outward.
We rightly learn at that moment who is doing these things or has brought us into this position.
After which we can discover either it is done intentionally or whether there is some misunderstandings which need to be discussed judiciously for the correct cause.
Irritability only gives frustration for ourselves and that is unwise, because we may lose out on the nerve control to harvest an evil mood inside our mind, so better keep smiling.
We cannot erase the mistake that has already been made, but we still can tolerate the same, so we can face it and then peacefully demystifying afterwards.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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