Always Asking the Right question and do Not make Assumption when We are Unsure about Certain Things

Always Asking the Right question and do Not make Assumption when We are Unsure about Certain Things

Being curious is not wrong but if too much it may resemble a sickness, if we do not know or suspect things, we should ask questions to find it out.
But we need to know how to ask questions and not immediately start to have suspicious on something, because when we have that hunch, it signal that something is not good.
This may hurt someone who only has good intentions with us, and soweth the bad blood to them.
Our choice of words is so important in these situations, because we tend to respond with emotion directly from our heart and thus others may heard the wrong sentence came out from our mouth.
Those people may get offended and this will bring damage for our good relationship, thus it would be a significant loss in our circle of friends.
The hindrance in such cases is that we often do not understand or containable on something entirely, and then we make a hypothesis with a fast decision, this could turns things around completely.
That is a big mistake and unjust of us by which we’ve make the unwanted decision in expression and it will not be accepted by others.
A quick tongue in those moments where there is no consideration about it is very thoughtless and it can generate disagreements which is unnecessary.
Be mindful of a good and trustful relationship, always try to speak with the extensive vocabulary for everything to avoid disorders together
If we are not sure about certain things, but only have assumptions and want to start asking questions about it, don’t let our emotion and train of thought to influence the initial question.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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