Never Let the Pain Dazzle Us from Searching for Our Happiness.

Never Let the Pain Dazzle Us from Searching for Our Happiness

Sometimes we may encounter with a surprising turn in our life, we are happy at a given moment therefore we feel totally satisfied and it is almost impossible that something can go wrong, so we are feeling great about life.
Every day we wake up positive in the morning so after fulfilling our daily duties with pleasure,we then go positive into our bed in the evening to have a deep rest.
Until we have the disillusion that we meet something wrong in life where our heart is beating faster from the first minute and were very happy with that moment, unfortunately it turns out to be a hell afterwards.
This meeting has taken away all the fun in life from us, and left behind the pain in the heart where we are now undergoing many psychological problems.
We are quite frustrated completely as if our thoughts are being struck by lightning, and this keeps repeating by itself, but this are our leftover feelings that we cannot forget.
After this has happened to us, we are going to compare everything and become slightly biased before we are able to obtain enough information.
This gives us the wrong impression of life through the pain that we suffer, so we begin to tar with the same brush for all of our painful experiences from before.
But to think like that is wrong and immature, because everything and everyone is so different and unique that it can be unwise for us to collate the new happiness
Pain and jealousy can be heartbreaking so we should realize that we don’t have the rights to authenticate others or material things.
That could be blinded and deceive us on the way for finding new happiness

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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