Gratitude is the Simplest Way of Being Joyful.

Gratitude is the Simplest Way of Being Joyful

We did not come to the world to be alone, because from birth we are already surrounded by people who like to give us the care with love.
From that first day we were already depending on others and will be so for the rest of our life, but why there are still people on the globe who think they can be independent?
There are so many things we need to use every day were produced by others, and without those things our lives will not be possible to complete, so let’s hope that everybody that think to be independent will be awakened by this.
In life, we always need for each other, its all in the human nature where everything is based on one another and we should adapt it to survive, and everyone should play their part of it.
By destroying the nature, our civilization can be disappeared and therefore creates a shift in the global balance of climate, humans and animals.
Everything has a specific function on earth and each one can give contribution and role on this, but in several times people are not being grateful, even that everything is already assigned for them to care and they only need to follow it up.
And some like to break the rules and laws of nature which put them in the woes and it will be very hard for them to recover in the long run.
By with what we already have is a ungrateful feeling and wish to be happy about something to do it in a simple way, then the offspring will be paying the price while growing up in a deteriorated environment.
In a stage of life where we all got chewed out and being well explained on how to follow something but we are not grateful for it, this is asking to end up in a problem field.
In the cases where we need help and then get the assistance provided by others, we should be grateful to those who can offer it to us.
That is a form of respect for ourselves and others, because this can make us feel relieved and satisfied when it is solved by the help of other.
Gratitude in life is getting the joyful feeling for us and we must be grateful to others, so that we also can give them the same feeling.
Be thankful everyday to breathe new air in our life, this is the simplest way to give us the joy.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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