A Life Path without Obstacles is Likely Lead Us to Nowhere.

A Life Path without Obstacles is Likely Lead Us to Nowhere

Everything can be so beautiful in life when everyone is honest and kind, so that things are getting more easier and everyday is a brand new day with lots of fun and good humor.
We often complain when things goes wrong, but actually this is okay, because if everything are smooth for now, it should be self-evident without any setbacks.
That would not make us stronger but rather a setback can totally devastated us,  especially affect on our mental stress that we are not able handle it.
We would be incredibility surprise completely about how this is possible in our life, everything always goes so good normally.
When there is an immediate change in our daily life which we do not have an answer for it, we certainly not able to understand or solve it.
Because sometimes we may have a setback, but we still can just prepare for the next time and that will give us more power for a stronger character.
With such experiences, we can protect ourselves from others and in certain situations, but we will still be opened to surprises that we would never expect from a person or any circumstance.
Life will always be just a lesson which is also for our learning process, so always stay alert.
The more difficult the economy or earnings will be an obstacle emerge from an unexpected corner where we will be confronted with the event of involuntary sooner.
Be well prepared for these attacks, and that is strictly advisable, never give others the opportunities that they would give out of control for themselves, because that is asking for trouble.
In the bus or train with public transport, we have to buy a ticket before we are allowed to participate for the ride.
In the supermarket, we must first figure out what we want and enjoy to see it in the shopping cart, but before we actually own and can use it , we have to pass the checkout counter.
Learn from the obstacles that we’ve experienced in life, give others as little as possible the opportunity to create an obstacle for our own existence, and this will keep everything under control for ourselves.
Try to keep everything by ourselves, because depending on others can be a major obstacle, when they thinking of self-interest, that is uncontrollable in our life due to insufficient knowledge.
Obstacles will always be in our life on earth, it wil only make us tougher with emotions but without it will probably lead us to nowhere and we have no chance.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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